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Premium HD Tandem

10×6 Premium HD Tandem


Premium, Premium HD and Premium HD Tandem trailers are modifications of our Standard trailer. They feature a chassis designed to suit bigger loads, carry more weight, and add mobility to your transporting. The Premium carries 750kg ATM capacity, whilst the Premium HD & HD Tandem both carry loads of 1400kg & 2000kg respectively. The Premium series is built to last and comes with the optional extras toolbox storage, ladder racks, spare wheel, and wheel bracket.


The Century Trailers Cattle (3000KG ATM) trailer comes in both 10×6 and 12×6 models. Engineered for safe driving and easy reversing The Cattle Trailer features a drop down load ramp, sotted sides and removable crate. Full four side tying bars an optional spare wheel and wheel bracket.


The Tradesman trailer is the ultimate tradie’s companion! It features roof stowage, inside shelving options and tying bars on three sides. Doors are fitted on both sides, giving easy access to the inside store. Load capacities vary from 750kg to 2000kg ATM and still give you the optional spare wheel and wheel bracket.